Election 2016

As much as I love to read the New York Times and listen to NPR when I’m driving to work with my dad during the summer, sadly they are not my main source of news intel. I try as often as I can to watch the news for myself, and to livestream the debates online … [Read more…]

Transmedia Storytelling

Being apart of “black twitter,” the information, memes and comments all came from a minority person of color perspective. Mainly all tweets were about Trump and Hillary and very few posts talked about Bernie. Yet, every now and then someone would remind their followers that we could’ve had our college debt erased and could have … [Read more…]

Post-Election Transmedia Storytelling Activity

After reviewing Henry Jenkins’ “Transmedia Storytelling 101,” I want you to all go back through over your own social media channels and piece together your own narrative of the candidates going into the election. What media did you share, or was shared with you? (You don’t need to disclose what actions you took, and you … [Read more…]